Summer Survival Plan for Work at Home Moms

Resources and systems to help you build your business and enjoy the summer with your kids. | taught by Robin Walker

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Can't work without your child crawling in your lap?

Need specific strategies to get the kids happily occupied while you work nearby?

Keep your business momentum this summer AND enjoy all the fun activities we all love about these magical 3 months!

I will walk you through step by step on how to do #allthethings this summer. Yes, baby step by baby step. One thing at a time until your summer is scheduled!

But summer is not just about activities on a calendar. I use my teaching experience to walk you through how to implement these strategies with your kids. Yes- your kids CAN leave you alone for bits of time. We will get it done together.

Let's avoid the mommy guilt this summer and actually make time for both work and play. The pool is waiting!

Robin Walker
Robin Walker
Women's Business Consultant

Hi! I’m Robin and I’ve used my years of teaching experience and 10+ years of running my own business to create The Women’s Business Workshop!

I strive to help other women build their business through coaching, in person workshops, online training, and community support. I LOVE the support and camaraderie that women can provide each other while reaching for our dreams and raising our families. Please join us, I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story.

I have a bachelors degree from University of Illinois and a Masters degree in education from Roosevelt University. After leaving teaching, I started various home based businesses, while staying home with my 3 young children. I have compiled and created a stockpile of resources and printables that help moms work from home AND still enjoy time with their families.

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BONUS! Summer Cheat Sheet: A week of planned out meals and activities!
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